Revealing the secrets of glamour.
These rich extracts include vitamins, micro-elements, and amino acids which works together to rejuvenate skin cells. Marine DNA can also be found in the extract acting as a great hydrator and a key element to skin cell regeneration.It
also provides a light moisture-retaining film that helps protect the skin against external damaging elements,gently promoting finer skin with less superficial lines and wrinkles. Using the power of Caviar extracts, the Pearl & Caviar Collection revitalizes sagging, tired looking skin into a dazzling and lustrous, pearlescent finish.


Use three times a week before applying night cream, apply gently on face and neck.


Contains 50% caviar, pearl proteins and marine DNA.
Moisturizing, firming energizing, and giving a silky-texture

魚子精華(50%魚子) :含豐富膠原蛋白,促進肌膚產生更多天然膠原質。
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